Who uses your services?

We have a wide range of clients from businesses to individuals, it includes people with vacation homes, out-of-state clients that need peace of mind checking-up for their local, elderly relatives or just your average person with a long to-do list.

Is my personal information confidential?

All requests are confidential and personal information is stored in our secured database.

Information is not shared or passed on to other companies, AT YOUR SERVICE values your business and respects all clients' privacy.

How do you charge?

Most of our work is charged on an hourly basis and each contract is customized to meet your individual needs. Therefore, pricing is determined with consideration of each contract's requirements and duration.

We accept either cash or check or you can pre-pay a certain dollar amount and we will run a line-of-credit for you and will either, mail, fax or e-mail you a balance report after each service that we have provided for you.